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Young Living

Young Living Essential Oils is the world leader in essential oil farming, distillation and distribution.  Not only does Young Living own 6 farms globally, including farms in the US, Oman, Ecuador and France, they also own their own labortories for testing and research and have initated a new research non-profit organization called, "Airse" created to fund more quality essential oil documented research and education.


Not only does this company bring us the finest, most theuraputic, medical grade oils available to the market place, they also provide many additional products (with oils in them) to enhance and detoxify every party of your life (simply & easily).  


Another amazing fact about this company is it's open door policy.  Members of Young Living can attend and assist in harvests of varies plants, visitation of any farm, labortory or testing facility.  When you become a member of Young Living you will practically receive the key to the city as they allow you access to all they achieve.  


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There are over 50 -plus Hospitals that use our oils. 
Here's some of them that are on this list.


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