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Hosting Has It's Perks

Host a Sharing Event with Just a Few Friend


There is a variety of benefits for Sharing Young Living.  Gather together just a few of your family and friends in the comfort of your home where together you will have the Young Living experience together we've created for you!


We've learned that just a few friends make a great experience when it comes to our Sharing Events (want to go wild with your inviting...maybe think about hosting a few events or go with it!).  


We LOVE to Reward our Hosts!!!!


You Choose Your Host/Hostess rewards (BONUS: all options include Sharing the gift of Health & Wellness to friends and family):

1) Earn Poducts.  I won' limit your get to choose from hundreds of health & wellness products from Young Living (no additional requirements).  Earn your Enrollment Kit, a Feelings Oil Kit, Fabulous Skin Care, Supplements, Kid's Care, Pet Care...Young Living has over 500 products for you to choose from!  This is your opportunity to begin your Healthy Lifestyle Transformation...and how nice to get it for FREE!


2) Earn Cash. Depending on the event purchases, you can earn BIG BUCKS...just think about all the great things you could do with some extra first Sharing Event...I made over $500!   Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to go into business with me.  This is your "host reward" for Sharing Wellness!





3) Earn Cash & Products. can do both.  It's always up to you.

4) Build Your Own Business.  This option is NEVER a requirement for hosting!  But...if you want can have it all.  Begin building your Home-Based Young Living business helping others feel better today!  Not sure what to do or where to start?  You are in luck!  My expanding team has done it!  We know how to make it in this industry.  Our group has the training (conducted by supportive and passionate members who succeed by ensuring your success), community (we call our groups tribes because working along side people we care about it important to us) and success (like I said...we've done it - so can you-we will help you).  Contact me today to set up a Business Building Consult!  Click Here




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