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Real Men Use Essential Oils

Tell your father how much you care and sp'oil him healthy this Father’s Day by giving him the gift of essential oils. Many men see essential oils as “unmanly”–debunk that myth with these great gift giving ideas.


Breakfast in Bed

In addition to a great jacket and a nice pair of jeans, every guy needs his signature smell. Most men have a signature scent they swear by, but it’s important to use products that are no only non-toxic, but also smells wonderful and has healty benefits.. Help dad out with the gift of homemade cologne. Choose a Cologne Recipe here or create your own. 

Surprise Dad with a meal worth waking up to. You don’t need to be a master chef to make a delicious breakfast. Simply add a drop of Cinnamon to French toast or a drop of Lemon to a fresh fruit smoothie!  Click here for fun smoothie recipes using essential oils.

After Shave Lotion

Help yourself or your man feel good all day long and enjoy an immediate soothing sensation with this essential oil infused After Shave Lotion.  Click here to create your own skin -nurishing After Shave Lotion.

Grill Cleaner

This simple grill cleaner is the safe solution to other harsh cleaning products. This Father’s Day, pair or naturally-derived cleaner with a sturdy grill brush. Better yet, clean the grill yourself and totally safe to clean it with the kids. With this recipe, it’s no effort at all! Click Here for a sparkling clean grill recipe.

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